Thermal Range

Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we have developed a range of products, Thermal Range, aimed to the specific needs of Industrial Laundry. The products include: manual and servo-controlled valves, measuring and control tools, heat exchangers, pressure reducing valves, stainless steel hoses, gaskets of all kinds, and more.

Our team of experts provides you with advice on how to optimise the energy consumption and yield of your machines.


The NEST STS steam traps are also part of the range. Revolutionary in their construction and operation, these steam traps are a true System geared towards efficiency and energy saving!

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NEST STS Steam traps

The NEST STS stream trap, made entirely of stainless steel, is revolutionary both in its construction and in its operation: by exploiting the physical principle Venturi, it ensures extraordinary performance in every type of application. Its employment brings significant advantages like, for example, increased production, no maintenance or control interventions, a very high level of safety ... and energy savings!

The NEST STS is the result of qualified engineering research supported by Nuova Folati's experience in the industrial laundry sector. Ask for an inspection of our technical staff, it will be a pleasure for us to evaluate your ironing system.

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Heat exchangers

Our stainless steel laminated batteries have been increasingly successful for years. Thanks to the advice of our experts, you can take the opportunity of replacing the heat exchanger, in order to optimise the yield of the ironer. This is done by choosing to design a higher performance battery in the same space.  Also for the heat exchangers, our team will provide advice on the best and most suitable product with attention to the result: more yield and less consumption, contact us!

Non-Return Valves, Hoses, Measuring and Control Tools

The quality of the products in this range is very high, to begin with the material with which they are manufactured: stainless steel. Stainless steel ensures reliability and high-performance, so responding to the laundry’s demands. The products in this range are always available for immediate delivery. Even for the hoses, we always have on stock the items in the most common sizes and lengths, in order to respond "just in time" to emergencies.

"What you don't know, you can't evaluate”, our offer includes measuring and control tools to be used in daily laundry operations such as contact thermometers, meter counters, pressure gauges, level probes, etc.

Manual and servo-controlled valves

In the case of this range, too, stainless steel and a very high level of quality dominate. The range includes a variety of valves such as two or three-piece ball valves, free-flowing, flow-through, butterfly, two way valves or mixing valves , all in simple or servo-controlled versions. All control and blow down valves are particularly high performance.

Safety valves

These are items that are to be replaced when needed. When the need arises, contact us, indicating the characteristics of the valve (as shown by the label stamped on it) and we will provide you with what you need. The products include: stainless steel, bronze, steel valves in all models and sizes. The valves are without exception complete with test certificate.

Self-operated pressure reducers

The most popular sizes and reduction ranges are always available for immediate delivery. Reducers of any size and with any feature are quickly available on request.


Teflon, graphitised, 2 or 3 mm thick, graphitised pastes: always available.